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Java Collections Framework Tutorials - BeginnersBook

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Iterator interface
Iterator interface provides the facility of iterating the elements in forward direction only.
Methods of Iterator interface
There are only three methods in the Iterator interface. They are:

Collections in Java - Tutorial - JournalDev

Sir i really like ur site and its content, everything is very organized and detailed, every topic is being covered with fine details. for a beginner this site is very useful,i request u sir to please introduce such type matter for data structure

Collections in Java - javatpoint

The framework had to be high-performance. The implementations for the fundamental collections (dynamic arrays, linked lists, trees, and hashtables) were to be highly efficient.

Let''s now exercise the List interface by operating on concrete implementations that implement the List interface, the ArrayList , and the LinkedList. The code below is similar to the previous example, but it performs many List operations.

Today, we shall discuss “Java Collections”. Java Collection framework is a very popular framework of Java which provides a strong architecture to store or easily control the group of objects. For the purpose of better understanding.

Java Map is an object that maps keys to values. A map cannot contain duplicate keys: Each key can map to at most one value.

Thank you very much sir,According to my analogy 8776 this 8775 (operator) is a static reffereence which is created by JVM and supplies to each and every java program at run time and also internally 8775 this 8776 operator is following dynamic bynding (runtime polymorphism)
static x this this stmt is created by jvm inside the class
x obj=new x () -programmer statement

I was looking for this kind of organized concept based tutorial on the Internet for an hour. indeed I succeeded! thank you sir! do you also have tutorials on JSF, hibernate, EJP, JPA, Spring, struts ? I really need to learn this topics from you if it is available. keep the good work!

Without the Map interface, the collection is not Java collection classes encompass of two main root interfaces of Java collection classes. One is The Collection interface ( ) and the other is the Map interface ( )

Priority queues are the queues that order elements in consonance to an abounding comparator or in the nature of the elements’ natural order.  

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