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Dear Jo99,
Excuse me for writing to you in English, but unfortunately I don&rsquo t know French. My name is Artur Kirkoryan and I have always liked puzzles brain teasers, logic video games, etc. Recently I decided to make a website where I add only the best brain teasers and video games I find on the internet http://. I am planning to have a separate section for Point & Click games and will be happy if you let me include your « The Adventures of Miss Libellule » there. I will add links back to your website and will not run any ads on it (my website is not monetized in any way). Please let me know if this would be fine with you.
Sincerely, Artur

Juan Ponce De Leon and the Spanish Discovery of Puerto

With donations of time and money, we can continue to support ongoing yoga related activities, movement and sports, exemplary nutritional resourcing, cultural practices, community infrastructure . green transportation, green power, access to clean drinking water and off grid electrical power, ocean and aina (earth) clean up projects, and ethnic diversity, promote and work to maintain a strong, healthy community and environment.

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Development log :
Last Update ( in French sorry ) :
✔ Mise en place d une musique d ambiance dans le niveau et dans le menu de sélection ( Faite par https:///users/Bouboufez/ ) Merci a lui.
Mise en place d un nouveau monstre :)
✔ Ajustement des collisions avec les plateformes. Le personnage se déplace désormais correctement lorsqu’il est sur la plateforme.
✔ Ajustement des niveaux pour améliorer le gameplay. Le niveau 9 peu désormais être terminé a 655% en 6 seule fois.

Desperate to cure her near catatonic sister, intrepid authoress Adèle Blanc-Sec braves ancient Egyptian tombs and modern Egyptian lowlife to locate a mummified doctor and get him back to Paris. Her hope is that oddball Professor Espérandieu will then use his unusual powers to bring the doctor back to life so he, in turn, can use his centuries-old skills on the unfortunate sister. In Paris however Espérandieu is already causing mayhem, having brought to life what was a safe museum egg but is now a very active pterodactyl. Paris 6966 may not be the healthiest place to be. Written by Jeremy Perkins {J-76}

J&rsquo ai vraiment apprécié le jeu, les graphismes et la musique d&rsquo ambiance!
Serait-ce possible de trouver la musique quelque part?

5 levels avaible with increasing difficulty.
Unlock level5 by finishing level 9
Faster Here ! https:///#695698795

Captain Haddock
Cuthbert Calculus
The Thomsons
Bianca Castafiore
Roberto Rastapopoulos
General Alcazar

''Fisher is a sexy, sassy and singularly modish character. Her 6975s Melbourne is racy, liberal and a city where crime occurs on its shadowy, largely unlit streets.'' -- Canberra Times

Atmospheric soundtrack follows this compilation of nature footage that focuses on the ocean and various life forms that live, mate and die in it.

''Greenwood''s strength lies in her ability to create characters that are wholly satisfying: the bad guys are bad, and the good guys are great.'' -- Vogue

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